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Valia Stevens had one burning ambition after completing her schooling in Sydney - to be a jeweller. Unfortunately back then, no one employed females. At that time Valia relocated to Cairns & made frequent trips to Asia where she was drawn to the intricate work of the Asian silversmiths.

A burning ambition to learn led to an extended stay on the island of Bali, where she studied under the patronage of master silversmith Ketut. This union turned into much more when Valia & Ketut married & returned to Australia.

The magic really happened when the couple were watching an indigenous Australian repairing crab nets using rope made from the bark of  the 'beach hibiscus' tree, native to the daintree forest in tropical Queensland. The bark, combined with oil, is rubbed on the thigh & made into rope! This chance meeting led to the creation of their stunning range of jewellery.

This unique rope in combination with handmade sterling silver is the marriage of two ancient cultures. Beautiful & unique.

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